US 9

US 9 has two sections where it forms its own freeway; an extension of the Briarcliff-Peekskill Parkway known as the Croton Expressway, and a freeway section in Poughkeepsie. It also has a short freeway segment in Albany that was supposed to be part of the Mid-Crosswtown Arterial, a north-south expressway running from the I-787/Thruway junction to I-90. The Croton Expressway was once planned as an alignment of I-87 between I-287 and I-84; the designation I-487 was also considered, and the I-87 plans were cancelled when the section north of Peekskill was cancelled (the section south to Tarrytown was later cancelled as well).

Croton Expressway

Mile Northbound Southbound Notes
Westchester County
Speed Limit 55
25.8 US 9 north NY 9A north US 9 South
25.8 NY 9A South
Briarcliff Manor
25.9 Croton River Road
26.5 Croton Point Avenue
Croton Harmon Station
Croton Point Avenue
27.2 NY 9A North NY 129
US 9 north US 9 south NY 9A south
27.9 NY 9A
Senasqua Road
29.9 NY 9A
Speed Limit 45 Speed Limit 55
32.9 Welcher Avenue NY 9A
Welcher Avenue
33.4 Louisa Street
Charles Point
34.0 South Street
Hudson Avenue
US 6 west US 9 north US 202 west US 9 south
34.2 US 6 East US 202 East NY 35
Main Street
34.9 US 6 West US 9 North US 202 West
Bear Mountain Parkway
To Taconic State Parkway
US 6 east US 9 south US 202 east
Speed Limit 45
Westchester County


Mile Northbound Southbound Notes
Dutchess County
Speed Limit 55 Speed Limit 40
63.6 US 9 north US 9 south
Freeway Ends
64.0 Academy Street
South Avenue
64.3 Fox Street
Prospect Street
64.7 Columbia Street
Rinaldi Bouldevard
Speed Limit 45 Speed Limit 55
65.0 US 44 East NY 55 East US 9 North
Church Street
Hyde Park
65.0 Laurel Street
Rinaldi Boulevard
Main Street
65.1 US 44 East NY 55 East
Church Street
US 44 West NY 55 West
Mid-Hudson Bridge
65.3 US 44 West NY 55 West
Mid-Hudson Bridge
65.4 Main Street
65.7 Albany Street
66.0 Water Street
Speed Limit 40 Speed Limit 45
66.2 US 9 north
Delafield Street
Freeway Ends
US 9 south
Speed Limit 40
Dutchess County

Mid-Crosstown Arterial

Mile Northbound Southbound Notes
Albany County
Speed Limit 55
141.9 US 9 north US 9 South
Livingston Avenue
Henry Johnson Boulevard
142.6 I-90
143.0 Northern Boulevard NY 377
143.4 US 9 north
Freeway Ends
US 9 south
Speed Limit 55
Albany County